To give to our customer which are industries, fleets and marines, our value of services in how they can increase or optimize their engines and machineries operation at low cost which will increase profit and competitiveness of the companies.

Company Profile

Oil Clinic is Oil Monitoring Laboratory Services of Pertamina Lubricant within Pertamina (National Oil & Gas Mining Company of Indonesia), provides a variety of tests for industrial lubricant and fuels. State of the art laboratory instrumentation utilizing applicable ASTM or ISO standards for producing reliable test data, ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 9001:2000 certification to ensure proper quality control and quality assurance of testing.

Oil Cinic is a continues oil monitoring program designed to get the series trend oil condition data which inform oil in use condition. This trend data automatically reflect the engine conditions during it operations. From the observation at site supported by various available data at the oil clinic data base it can be predicted at earlier stage if there is or no engine failure. If there is irregular data, Oil Clinic tell symptom where is the location or which engine part and the extent of damage. The symptom could be leaks of cooling water system, air intake is not filtered properly, combustion problem detected by fuel dilutions, or engine part worn out.
Such information will give the benefit to plan a scheduled minor repair program so that fatal damage can be avoided, and production activity to secure stock availability could be manage to avoid committed supply failure